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Why did we create ReGrow?

ReGrow was born as a response to the sharing of its founders’ work experiences in the field of altruism.


In comparing our stories, we realized that certain common elements had been part of our work environments, and that we all felt a certain helplessness in observing how the habitual presence of toxic structures, irresponsible or unprofessional leadership, or exposure to unstructured and frenetic business growth had seriously affected our mental health and that of our colleagues.

This is why we decided to launch an initial survey of our colleagues in the sector to form a more accurate picture of their state, with the intention of highlighting the clear relationship between the mental health of workers and their job performance, as well as the high cost of covering sick leave due to anxiety or depression, fair and unfair dismissals, constant turnover and the devastating effects of burnout on the talent of workers.



ReGrow is a non-profit association registered in the Spanish National Register of Associations under the number 625667, and constituted on 3 October 2022.

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